There is Hope in Every Storm

A Voice For the Silent , A Ray of Light to the Dark.

🇺🇸🇺🇸We all have a Destination, a Purpose, a Means to make a way in this world. You wake up every morning with the drive to 1) Make it to Friday to get that halfway decent paycheck 2) Strive to change the outcome of someone else’s life in need. We all have a Choice. We make good ones and bad ones. It’s the fact of Life.But the mission you set before you is sometimes chosen for you. When you are Blessed to be called for something bigger then you it becomes the foundation, the focus, the meaning of something great. I have a journey of hope for the silent, a glimpse of light in the dark. I will strive to be the Voice to the Veterans, Service Members, and the families they left behind to protect their Country. I will Advocate, Navigate, and Educate with whatever resources I may have , and help find everything that you deserve to come home to. I will Advocate for Mental Illness/Suicide Prevention, PTSD/TBI services, education, more family support services. No Veterans should Ever Have to Fight a Battle coming home. We owe them this fight, they don’t deserve to fight a battle twice.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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"Comfort-zone is where Faith goes to sleep" (DCS)


One Day -One Word- One Step- Together We Survive

Faith and Inspiration are lacking in a world going wrong. We strive every day to try and stay positive but there is always negativity all around us, media, family, friends, husbands, wives. When do we have time to Just let it out, let it go. It’s easy to talk to someone when you can’t put a face, a body, a judgment to them, it’s a safe place. Here is my goal today I strive for positivity, for love, for joy, let it go, let’s work on it together. Through faith, Love, inspiration, and Joy lets work with each other TO GETHER FOR THE GOOD. Through pain, heart ache, depression, anger, humiliation, I had to learn to overcome my battles. I will strive to be your voice. I will be your advocate, your footsteps, your way forward. I will strive to protect the voice of those who served, and those who are silent it fears. You are not alone, you will never be alone. There is a community of love hope and power. You will never have to be silent or alone. Let it out. Let it Go! 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹


Dont let it hold you down

I am no longer a slave to my fear,I am a Child of God

That obstacle will move, that mountain will fall, Keep the Faith, you are a child of God. I am no Longer a Slave to Fear!!! Repeat these words over and over. Believe in something bigger then yourself. We have been liberated from our bondage,


This should never be an option

We do this together, No One Left Behind

These words still stand for freedom and mean something

We forgot because if we didn’t they would have a voice

He stood and served for your freedom! What did you do today

We the people promised to protect them when they came home, instead we let them go

We silenced there voice, they gave there all

We forgot because if we didn’t they would have a voice

A Silent epidemic

We are fighting a battle at home that is requiring more awareness then what it is getting. We need to recognize signs of PTSD sooner before it leads to more and more untreated diagnosis for our Veterans coming home, and who have allready served our country. We owe them this much. I am a fighting force of more mental health, more screenings after service, early warning signs while on active duty. Treatment early can prevent long term effects.  Stand with me, help me, they need our help.



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Words Hurt

Never Listen to the words of pain

This is where your voice begins to be heard again

WIth his blood he purchased me, On the Cross he sealed my pardon, paid the debt and made me free.

Here we encourage transparency openness, and honesty. This is a safe place to talk about what you feel, there is no tolerating to shaming, harassing, or negativity, we ask that you go elsewhere if you choose to express this behavior.  We ask that if you are having suicidal thoughts to please seek EMERGENCY HELP!!! Please call 911, or the suicide prevention hotline @ 1-800-273-8255. This number is 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


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Dear Reader,


Through struggles of my own I have learned that there is always someone who is going through so much more then myself. My inspiration came from not only my heart ache and struggle but through believing in the Good Lord that there is a need to become active in spreading Love and Joy, but by his grace you can overcome the battle you face with 2 words to live by. Hope and Faith.  I became a active fighter for Veterans and what they deserve. I have seen so many fall in between the cracks including my own husband. My Husband was in the Army and suffered a undiagnosed TBI{Traumatic Brain Injury}. Deep down I wanted to believe that the man that served his country would be taken care of. I was wrong. Our Faith was broken, we had to juggle the system that had let us down. Through the struggle of mental illness. depression, anxiety, anger, frustration I became his activist, his back bone, his fighter.  Everyone needs a fighter, that’s where I come in. I will fight, I will listen, I will be your voice. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you feel alone and don’t know where to start, I can listen and lead you in the direction you need to go. Be Blessed. You have a voice, stand up and speak out.


Tawnya Scott

Tawnya Scott

Be The Change Today



Please leave feedback and comments, any referrals that you know that needs help is completely anonymous. We need to come Together For The Good. God Bless!! Be the Voice to the one that is silent today, make the change. Without change there is no hope.